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A registered trade mark protects a word, phrase, slogan, image or logo that you use to distinguish the goods or services you provide from those of other traders. Whether you have already established a reputation and goodwill for your brand (or are considering investing to start establishing a reputation), registered trade mark rights will protect your investment and/or the competitive advantage associated with your brand.

The attorneys at MTA provide strategic advice regarding you how to obtain registered trade mark rights in Australia, New Zealand and overseas.

trade mark is a sign used to distinguish the products or services of one trader from others.

The time, effort and expense that has been invested into building the goodwill associated with your business is embodied in your brands.

MTA are trade mark registration experts. We will guide you through the application process and make sure that you have the right trade mark protection for your business today, and in the future.

It’s important to understand that a trade mark is not the same as a company or business name and that registration of a business name neither ensures your right to use the name, nor does it give you the right to stop someone else from using the name. At MTA we can help with all aspects of trade mark registration in Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

Trade mark registration ensures that you alone have the right to use your mark, and trade mark registration enables you to protect the valuable goodwill associated with the mark. Trade mark protection can assist with growing your business through licensing and franchising and, if you have export markets, there are international trade mark arrangements that can be used to help you to obtain registered trade marks overseas.