Murray Trento
& Associates

MTA is an independent, incorporated registered attorney firm owned and operated by the Directors, who are registered Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys in Australia and New Zealand.


Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys Australia and New Zealand

Murray Trento & Associates Pty Ltd (MTA) is an independently owned firm providing practical advice in relation to all aspects of Intellectual Property protection.

A patent, trade mark or registered design can protect your competitive advantage. Neil Murray, Leon Trento and the attorneys at MTA can advise you how to make best use of registered intellectual property rights.

We can also provide advice to avoid placing your business or investment at risk through non-action or poorly defined patent, trade mark or design applications.

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A patent grants exclusive rights to an inventor in exchange for disclosure of an invention.


A trade mark is a distinctive sign used to identify a product or service of one trader from another trader.


A design protects the visual appearance rather than any functional aspect of a product.